“wa’ SaD ram wa’ ram je” at Gen Con 2012

wa’ SaD ram wa’ ram je is the first Klingon Opera-Ballet, and the first Klingon Opera performed in the US. It was composed by Jon Silpayamanant to a libretto by Jon Silpayamanant and Robert Bruce Scott.

The earliest version of an excerpted performance (45 minutes) of the Opera-Ballet took place at ConGlomeration in Louisville, Kentucky on 23 April 2011.

“wa’ SaD ram wa’ ram je” (One Thousand Nights & a Night) is a Klingon Opera Ballet performed in Klingon, is a tale of a Klingon warrior winning back his love after a ten year absence. Don’t miss this! ‘wa’ SaH ram wa’ ram je’ or ‘One Thousand Nights and a Night’ is performed by the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project and the Different Drummers Belly Dancers in the original Klingon. It’s a tale about a Klingon warrior who returns home after ten years only to find that his mate is having a contest for a new husband. Being battle scarred and unrecognizable to his household and mate he must enter to win back the hand of his beloved. After winning the bat’leth battle competition he faces the ultimate challenge–he must sing a song that will excite his mate or be put to death at her own hands. For one thousand and one nights he sings while the household dancers dance. Act three of the Opera Ballet, which will be performed abridged, tells this story as well as its conclusion!