Klingon Caroling in Louisville

Come Caroling with The Klingon Xenomusicologist, j’onn, during the Feast of the Long Night (December 21, 2017). You will win much honr while singing popular ram nI’ tay bom (Christmas Carols) in the original Klingon on the night they were meant to be sung!

Costumes encouraged but not required. Carol books and tutorial in Klingon pronunciation will be provided. Bloodwine will not be provided. We are not expecting Rura Penthe level temperatures, but terrans may need to dress warmly.

Start point for attack is outside of The Great Escape, 2433 Bardstown Road and we’ll end at SuperChefs at 1702 Bardstown Road where we will raid the local eateries to replenish our strength after our sonic attack!

For those of you with mobile devices and tablets–you can download the Klingon Carol Songbook here and upload it to your device. http://www.silpayamanant.com/Klingon/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Klingon-Christmas-Carols.pdf

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/498349930527637/