Klingon Musical Instruments

Klingon may'ron


This is an abridged list of Klingon Music Instruments (QoQ jan).

  • baS ‘In – bell (metal ‘In)
  • DIr ‘In – drum with an animal skin stretched over one end
  • DIron – bagpipes
  • Dov’agh – a simple flute or fife, usually made from bone
  • HurDagh – stringed instrument
  • joQmey – strips of material in a SuSDeQ which vibrate as air passes by them creating musical tones
  • leSpal – a midsized HurDagh
  • may’ron – a SuSDeQ similar to an accordion or concertina
  • meSchuS — a very large wind instrument consisting of a network of interlocking tubes
  • mupwI’Hom – small striker used to play percussion instruments such as the Sor Hap ‘In
  • ngujlep – mouthpiece for a wind instrument such as the meSchuS
  • QoQ jan – musical instruments
  • SIrgh – string as that found on a stringed instrument; also the word for any thread or filament
  • Sor Hap ‘In – a wooden {‘In}.  One kind of Sor Hap‘In is a tube, open on both ends, with a longitudinal slit extending not quite to either end.  It is hit with a mupwI’Hom (literally “a small striker”)
  • Supghew – a small HurDagh, and the most common
  • SuSDeQ – any windbag or bellows-type instrument
  • tIngDagh – a large HurDagh rarely heard outside of operatic performances
  • ‘In – percussion instruments
  • ‘o’lav – a type of drum with skin stretched over both ends

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